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*This three in one unit can be used to replace all start components on a standard compressor deck. Many times one or more of these original start components will malfunction and the overload will start clicking or a wire will burn up on one of the components. In these cases a refrigeration repair man might tell you that your compressor has gone bad, but they would be wrong. Our outside refrigeration technician has repaired units for many customers using this three in one unit and saved them thousands of dollars by not having to change compressors decks. Will this work 100% of the time, NO. Due to its low cost many customers have tried these before replacing a compressor deck. One customer told me, "if there is a chance this will work, I would rather spend $26.95 than $299 to $349 for a replacement compressor deck". These 3 in 1 units are in stock now, due to the popular demand we have had for them with our regular customers.

Refrigeration decks


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