$995 SALE going on now on select soda and snack machines

Equipment Wanted

Automatic Products

Models 121,123
Models LCM1,LCM2
Models LCM3,LCM4
Models Studio 1,2
Models Studio 3,4
Models Premier 933


Models 157,158
Models 167,168
Combo Models 484
Combo Models 797
Combo Snack center 1
Combo Snack center 2


Models 511*
Models 540*
Models 721*
Models Vue 30*
Models Vue 40*

Dixie Narco

Models 276E*
Models 501E*
Models 5591*
Models 5592*
Models Bevmax 2*
Models Bevmax 3*

*We only purchase corporate branded (Coke, Pepsi, etc.) can or bottle vending machines from Bottling companies or their franchises (such as Coke, Pepsi etc). Due to rampant theft of these machines, we do not purchase any of these machines from private parties or small vending companies. If you have 'Generic' machines with 'Cold Drinks' 'Waterfall' etc. then we are interested in those.

FAX us a list of machines for sale (909) 944-7898
email us at sales@vendingworld.com
To sell us your equipment

Are you a large vendor or bottling company? These are the only items we are looking for at this time. If you have any of the above equipment that you wish to sell in quantity, please feel free to call us. Please note: we are only buying the listed equipment above at this time. We only buy in wholesale quantities and pricing in order to keep our prices low. We do not purchase individual machines from private sellers in small quantities unless you are located in Southern California. If you have equipment other than what is listed above please do not call as we will not buy other equipment. *Bottlers, call us with your inventory, we will buy truckloads up to 200 machines at a time, depending on the price.