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Vending World provides information on locators as a service to our customers. We are not affiliated with any of these companies in any way, nor do we endorse their services. Use of any of the above services is at your sole discretion and the outcome of any transaction is between you and the locating service. Please make up your own mind before hiring any locator service, do not take the fact that they are listed on our website as any kind of an endorsement as to their services. We have found that it is best to work with a locator that gives some kind of guarantee on their placements and that can give you a referral with satisfied customer before giving the locating fee upfront. If you use one of these locating services and have good luck with them please let us know. By letting us know about you success we can put them at the top of this list in the area of locators that our customers have actually used

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There are two types of calls we get from vendors looking for accounts.
1) I only want big accounts
2) We are looking in the Riverside area (or whatever area they work in)
Can you tell me which one is the established vendor? If you picked Number 2, Right.

To answer some questions from vendors about our fee. After 37 years in the vending industry (owning and operating one of the largest vending companies in the East-servicing 3 States for 25 years) we know that large accounts come along once in a great while!
If you are lucky enough to land one against some stiff competition don't expect them to stay with you forever. Enjoy them while you have them. They change every few years and of course, the first thing a new HR or operations manager does is replace the vending machines no matter how well you have serviced them. We don't promise or offer you large accounts. We develop accounts for the independent vendor. Accounts with 50 and up employees. We do that for a variety of reasons, companies need all sizes of accounts to be stable, make the bank happy and to keep a solid income stream on the books.

And large accounts expect at minimum the following:
Vendors License
Liability Insurance
Works Comp
New or almost new equipment
letters of reference from similar size accounts
24/7 repair
Customer Service Lines
Nice websites
No BBB problems
No online complaints
Vans and trucks with your company on the sides
Uniformed employees
Well written contracts or agreements

Be careful what you wish for because these large accounts may not be as profitable as you think considering the cost of keeping them happy. Every 3 years they want new equipment, not refurbished. They expect service at the drop of a hat. Let's say a dollar gets stuck, you better be right there or a product did not drop. You might be bringing in $1800 a month but if it costs $1500 to bring that in, you are losing money.

I would have loved it if there were a company like Blue Moose around when we were running our vending company. We are the cheapest employee you will ever have because you only pay us when we deliver an account. The types of accounts we offer you have someone waiting to meet with you, they know your name, they will walk you through the building, explain what they are wanting to change or correct. You can ask questions, look at the current machines and check the pricing. While you are there take photos of the machines so you can take your time looking at the products and pricing before making an offer..

Sometimes I get a call from a vendor wanting us to help them find locations in an area we do not service. We are established in Southern California and in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. I can at times help in those areas but it really means lots of cold calling which is rarely effective. Listed below is how we work and it might help you understand our costs. We try to be fair on the accounts we offer but we must cover our costs and pay the bills. How long does it take to find quality leads? We start with AdWords. Investing approx. $1000 monthly Additional advertising in local newspapers, vending connection and several more give us a total monthly outlay averaging $2500 We also purchase lists that average $500 for 3000 companies in the area we work. We go thru those lists each month by county. I have a staff of 3 on my payroll. We also have a developed email listing for California we only email during holiday seasons. Over the years we have rarely had a request to discontinue our list because we send recipes and gift ideas offering discounts. We research the accounts before contact. Check their credit rating, look for big drops in their income, we look on Yelp too. Then we determine who the Operations Mgr or HR representative is then we call them. If they are unavailable we ask the receptionist for permission to send a fax directed to him or her. We wait 4 or 5 days hoping for a call. Then we try calling. The most important tool we have is a developed calendar compiled over the past 14 years. It brings up accounts 60 days before contract renewals. 90 days on larger accounts. These are good quality accounts we have worked in the past. We have names, contacts and who the current vendor is so we know what we are up against. These are good quality accounts so we stay on top of that list. Hope this information gives you an idea of how we do it and possibly helps you determine new ways of gaining accounts.

Happy Vending

Bev, Sue, Bill and Sofie

We work for you. Hope you feel we are worth it.
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